Tests on foundation

We carry out Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) and Commissioning Tests (CT) for foundation.

Site Acceptance Tests (SAT)

Several underwater tests have to be done, documented and video have to be recorded to varify normal operation of foundation.

  • Dredging
  • CPT investigations
  • Stone bed
  • Placing of foundation
  • Ballasting
  • Armour rock and scour protection
  • J-tubes
  • Anodes

Anodes. After anodes are mounted and connected to the foundation, they need to be tested with transition resistance between the surrounding sea and the concrete reinforcement bars. The corrosion potential between the concrete reinforcement bars in the foundation and a temporary reference electrode should also be measured.

Commissioning Tests (CT)

Testing of conductivity of the concrete’s reinforcement needs to be done together with the cast in mechanical connections to assure that the expected function is achieved and personnel safety can be ensured after site is completed. In practice, this is done together with resistance measurement between specific reinforcement bars and the grounding mesh set in the concrete bottom slab before casting. The connection between reinforcement at the concrete deck of the foundations and the flanges is also measured to make sure that proper grounding of the cable connections is done.