Power transformer cable connection

When sea cables from single wind towers are gathered at substation platform, obtained power is transformed to HV voltage in order to transfer energy through long distances with lower losses to onshore grid connection point. We provide cable connection of power transformer MV/HV on substation platform.

Procedure of connecting cables to the substation platform cables:

  • Strip the cable of its insulation to the necessary length without ringing or nicking the wire.
  • Use a suitable joint compound (such as a PENETROX A, ALNOX-UG, T&B21059, etc.) for the exposed wire and wire brush through it to remove any oxide film from the other strands.
  • Insert the wire into the lug. Make certain all the strands are contained and then tighten the wire retaining screw securely per Table A. This operation should result in compound oozing out from between the individual strands of the wire. If this does not happen, it is an indication that an insufficient quantity of compound was used.
  • Wipe the excess compound from the area adjacent to the wire connection. Note: Some compounds contain metallic particles, which could reduce the dielectric strength of the insulating material employed.
  • After a few seconds, re-tighten the wire retaining screw per Table A
  • Coat both surfaces with a copper-aluminum joint compound
  • Bend the cable so the hole in the lug aligns with the hole in the terminal and contact surfaces are in good contact alignment.
  • Insert the bolt with a flat washer under the head through the holes of the lug and the terminal. Add a flat washer, lock washer and a nut on the opposite side (see picture below). Tighten per Table B.
  • There must not be any washers between the terminals and the lugs (see picture below).
  • Align the cables so adequate electrical clearances are maintained per NEC-373-11.
  • If electrical clearances are questionable, the exposed electrical connection should be insulated with electrical tape.