MV switchgear cable connection

After power is tranformed from LV to MV it should come to swhitchgear where it is controled, monitored and protected from faults. We provide cable connection to MV switchboard of different rated voltages.

Power cables should be connected to the swithcgear with enclosed and prefabricated terminators, type SWA or SOC etc, i.e.. The cable connections should have a conductive outer layer material, which is earthed.

We perform power cable connection  according to the procedure below:

  • Route the cable in the lower frame of the swithgear
  • Insert the cable through any  transformers (current or voltage)
  • Terminate the cable following the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Check if the cable screen layer is long enough to be connected to the cubicle’s earth bar. The cable screen must be insulated using plastic sheath, fitted with a cable lug and routed to the cubicle’s earth bar.
  • Make sure that the distance between the cables in the same phase is at mot less then 30 mm.
  • Protect cables with cable brackets
  • Secure the current transformers, that cables are connected to
  • The cable’s earth conductor must be back insulated, pass through the transformer and be routed to the swithcgear’s earth bar. If the earth conductor is not returned through the transformer, protection will not work as it should.